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As Turkishrugs.org portal we care about privacy of your personal data. While http://turkishrugs.org Internet site processes personal data of visitors we consider Law on Protection of Personal Data issue numbered 6698, the secondary legislation of the Law and Decisions of Protection of Personal Data Board while also Law on Regulation of Internet Streams and Fight Against Crimes Committed through Streams issue numbered 5651. In this scope your cookie data can be processed at institution’s internet sites, all internet sites of sub-exporter unions, and social media applications.

What are cookies?

Small data files that are sent to personal devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) by internet network server through internet browser people use enabling record and collection of certain data are called cookies.

What are different types of cookies?

Cookies are held to provide convenience to users are classified according to duration or domain. In case cookies are classified according to duration, they can be separated into two as session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are cookies that are deleted once user shuts down browser. Persistent cookies are cookies that stay in user’s computer/device for a pre-determined period. When cookies are classified according to domain name they are separated into two: First party cookies are placed by the domain visited. Third party cookies are placed by a different domain than visited. In case persons outside the visited domain place cookies to user’s device through visited domain, these are third party cookies.

Why are cookies stored?

Turkishrugs.org recognizes users through cookies and ensures data owners benefit the most efficiently from browser. Cookies are stores to improve user experience, to keep anonymous statistics without including user information, and to make promotion and give information about Turkishrugs.org.

Is it obligatory to use cookies?

Most browsers allow for cookies. In case cookies are deactivated internet speed might slow down.

How are cookies deactivated?

Cookie life depends on browser settings. In case user prefers not to use cookies they can be deleted from browser settings or deactivated.

Where do cookies stand in respect to Law on Protection of Personal Data?

Although collection of personal data does not readily come to mind with use of cookies, information stored in the background (ip address) are in the scope of law on protection of personal data. For this reason, it must be considered that information obtained though cookies shall be in the scope of Law on Protection of Personal Data as much as they make up personal data in the framework of Turkish law.

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