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1. With respect to displaying of your products and presentation of them to the USERS on the WEBSITE pursuant to the terms of use of the WEBSITE and other contracts within the scope of your membership, you accept, declare and undertake that:

a. All intellectual and industrial rights of the products you'll upload to the WEBSITE shall belong to you,

b. In the event that you harm the rights of third parties and cause any damage to IHIB (Istanbul Carpet Exporters' Association), you shall compensate the damage without seeking a court decision or any other decision,

c. When you accept these terms, all photographs and information of the products you’ll upload by marking as 'public' in the privacy option shall be displayed on the internet by the WEBSITE, related social channels and integrated solution partners, without any limitation of country,

d. Only your company and the USERS you’ll give permission shall have access to the products marked as "confidential" on the privacy tab. The WEBSITE shall take all kinds of security measures in this regard, but it shall not be liable for any potential problem,

e. All kinds of intellectual and industrial rights including patent, license and trademark rights of the products, images and brands you’ll display on the page to be allocated to you on the WEBSITE shall belong to you, and IHIB shall not be liable for the applications and compensation claims of the third parties with respect to the mentioned products towards the WEBSITE in accordance with the relevant legislation,

f. The products you'll upload to the WEBSITE shall have the properties indicated in their visuals and manuals, and the USER's claims for this reason shall be directly adressed to you, and you shall compensate the damages that IHIB will suffer for this reason

2. IHIB may restrict, discontinue or terminate your access to the WEBSITE without having to pay any compensation if your actions and actions are contrary to your commitments herein.

3. The terms and conditions included and not included in this Contract shall be governed in accordance with the Terms of Use of Website, Confidentiality Agreement and other relevant documents accepted by the MEMBER.

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