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Our company, which entered the Home Textile sector in 2016 with the production of Bath Mats, has expanded its production line and today it offers leather or dot-based Digital Machine Carpets in the form of Kitchen Carpets, Children’s Carpets, Living Room Corridor Carpets, Blanket Set, Living Room Set, Prayer Rug Set, Bathrobe and other Home Textile Products. It manufactures.

In bath mats, we have Plush Bath Mats we produce from plush fabric, Fringed Bath Mats, Cotton Bath Mats we produce from cotton fabrics, Towel Bath Mats we produce from terry cloth, Digital Bath Mats we produce with digital printing, and Bath Rugs we produce from carpet fabrics.

Along with our brand BONNY HOME, we also produce for our customers’ own brands. Today, our company produces for more than 30 brands in the country and abroad. In line with customer demands, we manufacture bath mats in the desired size, color and pattern according to the country of residence, in the form of single, double, triple, quadruple or 5-set bath mats.

Our products take their place in stores in many regions of Turkey and continue to do so. In addition, our company exports to a total of 18 countries, including England, Ireland, Australia, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Jordan, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Kosovo, Palestine, Ukraine, Qatar.

In addition, our company offers both the products we produce ourselves and the products of the brands we cooperate directly with the consumers with the  e-commerce brand and the www.teksev.com e-commerce site.

As BONNY HOME, we are happy to add value to your Brand and Company and to work with you, with our Bath Mats and other Home Textile products in modern colors and patterns that we produce in accordance with developing technology and world standards, taking into account consumer needs.




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